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Variant Group field

Why use the Variant Group field?

Like a lot of merchants, you probably have multiple products where the attributes have the same content, except for some variations (i.e. clothes can have different sizes and colors, but they are exactly the same products and will probably have the same description or price).

How to use the Variant Group field?

1. Variant Group supports multiple columns.

2. A variant group is made to manage a group of products that are reunited under the same name, and that will have several common attributes but some variation. For example :

3. The above spreadsheet contains a shirt with different sizes and quantities. But products with the same Var ID can be assigned to the Variant Group can be listed as a single product. 

Note: You need to have at least 1 Variant Option. Just "Add Field" for variant, for example, size, color and etc.

For more information on Variants, you can check the demo file attached

Extra settings on add variants to existing products

1. No adding new variant to an existing product

- Will not add variants to existing products

2. Variant's SKU (auto-merge variants)

- The variant will auto-merge with the product identifier you selected

3. Product's title

- Will add variant(s) to products with matching product title

4. Handle 

- Will add variant(s) to products with matching handle


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