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Stock Sync price conditions

Stock Sync now introducing a new feature in setting up the feed which is the Price Condition.

You will need to navigate to the specific Feed Settings > Field Mapping.

Price Condition is an extra setting under the Price field.

Price Condition can be used as a Price Formula but it is much more flexible. 

How to use Price Condition according to Image above:

The first tab is the statement and the second tab is the condition.

1. The first condition will not update when the price in your store is 0 in the feed file

2. The second condition will check when a price less than 1, it will use the current price in Shopify.

3. The third condition (price == 11, +1) means If the price is 11, then the price is + 1.

4. The fourth condition (price>10 and price<=15, *1.2) means If the price is above 10 and equals or below 15, then the price is multiplied by 1.2 or 20%.

5. The "any" refers to all the products' price. (any, *1.5) means All the prices will be multiplied by 1.5 or 50%. 

The Price Conditions take effects according to the arrangement. The first conditions have the highest priority.

Stock Sync now supports Column Value.

Column Value must be in this format: e.g. col1_f, col2_f

The symbol that is used for the statement:

== equal to

<= less than or equal to

=> more than or equal to




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