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Inventory Quantity field

Upgrade your Quantity game to the next level with Quantity Rules

There are 9 types of Quantity Rules that you can choose from, I will go through each one of them.
For example:

1. All quantity < Less than 5 will display as 0.

2. All products with > More than 10 quantity will be display as 15.

3. Products described in words such as HIGH is = Equal to 10.

4. "Incoming 11 July" can be read as Start With Incoming to be displayed as 0.

5. "... delivered" can be read as End With delivered to be displayed as 0.

6. Any quantity Range between20 and 50 will be displayed as 20.

7. Quantity With formula +10will be added to the current quantity.

8. You can set the Empty column to be 0.

9. Set all products to be displayed as 15 with Match Any.

More Settings for Quantity field

1. Add or deduct to the existing store's quantity.

  • By checking this option, you can add/deduct the quantity instead of will overwriting the quantity from the feed. 
  • By default, it will not be checked and will overwrite the quantity.

For example, if you have 10 product A in your store and 3 in your inventory file. The final quantity will be 13 products A.

2. Only deduct on the existing store’s quantity.

  • By checking this option, you can only deduct from the current quantity.
  • By default, this option is not checked and will not deduct.

For example, if you have 10 products B in your store and 3 in your inventory file. The final quantity will be 7 products B.

Note: You CANNOT check both options above.

3. Set inventory quantity to non-negative values (0 and positive) values. 

  • By default, Stock Sync sets any negative value to zero.
  • Only disable this option when you want to allow negative value in your inventory.

For example, any quantity that has a negative value will be set to zero as default.

4. Deduct Quantity from column within a feed file 

  • Define the column index as (e.g col3) for the targeted column which is the third column. 
  • The column that mapped to the quantity field will deduct the value in the column above. 

*Note:- If you want to SUM up the QUANTITY, you just need to mapped by multiple columns it will auto sum. 

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