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How to pin or rearrange feeds in Stock Sync?

Stock Sync now allows you to pin your feeds. You must have certain feeds that are quite important.

With the new Pin Feed function allows your favorite feed to stay on the top of your dashboard. This way you do not have to scroll down to look for your feed. 

You are allowed to pin a maximum of 5 feed on top. Here is how you use it: 

1. Go to your selected feed.

2. Move the cursor to Dropdown icon

3. Then, you can see the Pin feed word over there. You click on it. 

3. Your preferred feed will be pinned at the top.

4. Your feed will have the BLUE PIN icon beside the settings on your feed. As the below picture shown. 

4. To unpin your feed, move the cursor towards on the dropdown icon again. You can see the click to unpin

5. Your feed will drop down back.

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