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Title Field

Title field is one of the field mapping part which providing more settings on it. 

The settings will discuss further below:-

1. Multiple title separator

Multiple title separator is used when mapped to multiple title fields. If you want to separate the title, you can choose "<space> - <space>" or don't need any changes on it choose "-".

2. Case convert

Easily convert text between different letter cases of the text.

For example, all lower cases will be "vintage t-shirt". If all upper cases will be "VINTAGE T-SHIRT" or Titleize case will be "Vintage T-Shirt". Titleize case is upper casing the first letter of each word.

*Note: If you don't want any changes on it, you may choose No change. 

3. Ignore words

Ignore words lets you ignore the specific wording that you don't want to be added or updated for the product. Its supports multiple ignored words, separated by a comma while it also support regular expressions too.  

By enabling, the toggle icon there it will automatically ignore the words from variant option word.

For example, the title "T-shirt - Black" will be converted to "T-shirt" 

4.  Find

Find multiple words or phrases, separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, include For example, *man will find woman, manicure as well. The Find field also supports regular expressions too.

5. Replace with

Replace with define as you can replace it with multiple words or phrases, separated by a comma. eg word1,word2. (Auto matched with Find)

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