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How do the pricing works?

Just by looking at the price once Stock Sync might look expensive. But Stock Sync is actually a lot cheaper. A large number of our clients did review us and mentioned that too. Click here to view. Allow me to explain. 

Syncee's monthly plan starts at $19 but with limited to 500 products only. Stock Sync $5 Basic plan can go up to 4,000 variants. If the average one product has 4 variants that still 1,000 products with just one-fourth of the price in Stock Sync.

If you need to manage 30,000 products in Syncee will need to opt to a $199 monthly plan. But in Stock Sync, you only need to subscribe to the $20 monthly subscription to keep those products inventory sync. If you wish to add those products first, then you will need to purchase the Stock Sync credit which will cost you $150 and you can manage the sync with the $20 monthly subscription. That's a huge difference in our pricing model to split the usage to 2. 

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