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Filter MMA Silver Star import by product type with Stock Sync

Before you begin to filter by product type, let's take a quick look at how to Add Products from MMA Silver Stars using the template.

1. On the dashboard, Click on the Setup New Feed on the top right.

2. Choose Add Product and click Create on the MMA Silver Star template.

3. Your feed(Copy of MMA - Import New Arrival) will be created on the dashboard with the right mapping.

Now, let's add the filter by product type to your feed.

1. You should see a small Filter icon next to the Feed Settings gear icon.

2. Once you click on that you will see this filter option.

3. Click on the + Filter to add a filter to your feed.

4. The Column Name/Index for product type is either "Type" or "5". Both work the same.

5. You can add multiple product types separated by a comma. You can choose to include or exclude from the update.

6. Once you're done, click on the Save and Close and you are ready to run your feed.

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