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How to get Gmail forwarding confirmation code for Stock Sync?

To enable the notification to send to your preferred email. You have to perform a quick setup.

1. Open Stock Sync app. 

2. On the top left menu, go to Preference.

3. Type in your preferred email in the Notification Email field.

4. Choose when to send the notification in the Send Email When field.

5. Next, go to your Gmail and select Settings.

6. In the Settings page, go to Forwarding and POP/MAP tab.

7. In the Forwarding field, select Add a forwarding address.

8. Type in the email address that is provided by Stock Sync app into the field. 

9. You will receive an email from Stock Sync to your preferred email. The email will contain the Google confirmation code. 

10. Click on the link provided to approve.

NOTE: If the receive email is still not working, then please contact [email protected] and send the email address which will be the receiving email.

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