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Shopify Store to Store

If you are dropshipping from another Shopify store to your own Shopify Store, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that both DropShipper Store and your store installed Stock Sync.
  2. Request Dropshipper to install to the Free Plan (go to Manage Billings page on the top right of Stock Sync Dashboard) since they are providing the stock info. 

Once they have installed, let them know to provide you with Public Token (Preferences > Advance)

C) Once the above 2 steps are completed, we may move on to the settings on Retailer Store (your store):

The Store to Store connection method only update the products in a single direction.

Connection Settings

1. Go to Setup New Feed > Choose:

  • 'add new product' (to add new products to your store)
  • 'update existing products' (to update the inventory of products that have been added to your store)

2. Search for Shopify store 2 store and click Create. You will see like the below screenshot:

3. Please input the Public Token.

4. If there is any query want to add on, Please click on the Add Param to input it. 

5. Lastly, click Next to continue. 

Mapping Settings

1. Refer to this screenshot for the mapping guide for Quantity and Price (optional) updates. We have also attached a sample header if needed to map extra fields.

Note: Please do NOT change the settings that have been mapped. For example, changing Product SKU > SKU. This will result in the process not take place successfully.

2. Once you have done mapping the fields needed, click Next.

Advance Settings

1. Please refer to this link to learn more about this setting or you can just skip for the first time and Click Done.

Start Process

1. Click on Start Process to begin synchronizing stocks.

Learn more about other functions that you can use on Stock Sync:

Price Condition - you can mark up the price you have to get from your Dropshipper. For example, your Dropshipper price is at $2, you can input formula to mark it up for 50% and show on your store as $3.

Discontinued Products - There are 2 options for this:

Both option above very much requires the filter:


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