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Add products from Sunkys

Add the products from Sunkys with Stock Sync. Just choose on Sunkys template after choosing to add new products to the store. 

Go to New Setup > Choose Add new products to store.

Choose or search for Sunkys template.

3. Please fill in your API Key & Secret Key to the respective field. How to get the API Key & Secret, can refer here.

Click Next to the Matching Column section.

There is a large amount of products available in Sunkys. To reduce the load of products, you can set a filter by subcategory instead of using Parent Category because Parent Category has too many products.

How to find the category ID of a subcategory of products?

To get the subcategory ID, check the top header of the website link. You may also refer to the video and image provided above for assistance.

These are the available fields that can be updated with Stock Sync.

product titlename
Product CategorycategoryId

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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