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How to install the Stock Location plugin for WooCommerce?

You should install and activate the Stock Location for WooCommerce Plugin: Plugins > Add New > Search > Stock Locations for WooCommerce

After installing, you will need to click on the settings of this plugin.

To enable the desired function, you need to navigate to the Developer tab and toggle the switch located on the right-hand side.

This is to allow Stock Sync to update stock based on assigned location using the plugin API.

This is how the WooCommerce product page will look like once you have added the locations.

Please add the locations that you require on this page. Products > Stock Locations > Add New Location

You can enable more than one location, can refer to the below image.

After configuring all the settings mentioned above, you will be able to set the location by using the "Available Quantity" field in the Stock Sync extra settings.

List of inventory locations available in store. It can used to update products to a specific location only. Stock Sync does not support multiple locations. Each feed updates to a single location.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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