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Product Categories (Woocommerce)

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If the feed file doesn't have any column as a product categories and want to apply all the product categories as accessories, you can use fixed value to set it.

To map product categories in WooCommerce, you need to create the corresponding slugs in the WooCommerce admin. Make sure these slug values are also present in your feed file. This way, the categories will update correctly based on the SKU.

It can also support subcategories. You can use this format to add a subcategory for each of your products. The category field will set the product from category to subcategory as well.

Map the category field to the matching column in the feed if there are three columns in the feed file. Then, mapped it accordingly as this Cat1>>Cat2>>Cat3 (refer to the example above)

So from the example, Men will be the primary category and Clothes under the main category while T-Shirt under the subcategory of Clothes. When you need the subcategory in the category field can use this field and map it accordingly.

There is a setting for this field which is:

1. Category Name

Category name is for to input the category value when there is not found in the store.

If the products in the store don't have a category slug than in the feed. This feature can be used to create the category name according to the feed file value.

By default, empty category name will take the slug and name with same value. This field is supported by subcategories.

For example, when the category accessories is not found in store, it will create as new category based on the feed which as accessories.

2. Find

Find multiple words or phrases separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, including *

If the products in the store have a different category slug than in the feed. This feature can be used to find and match.

For example, the store category is computer, but the inventory feed category value is PC. Enter PC in the Find in feed. And enter the computer in the Match with the store.

3. Replace with

Replace the words or phrases that were used with Find above separated by a comma.

4. Replace store product's categories

When is unchecked, It will not remove any existing categories on store and only add new categories from the source.

Updated on: 20/06/2024

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