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Filter (Step 3) is an optional settings only on Update & Add products feed only. It is to filter the data on the store products. This does not support wildcard. 

Not Equal To has a higher priority than Equal To

If you want to include products with the vendor (Vendora) and excludes products with the collection (ABC). And if the product has the vendor (Vendora) and in the collection (ABC). Then the filter will exclude this product.

For the filter Store Product, the field name is provided. There are 8 types of setup lists. Below are the examples:

1. Vendor Filter

To include the filter, you need to select Equal to. Basically, this will enable the vendor filter from your store. This will optimize your search in your Shopify store.

For example:

(a) To add a single vendor (Vendora)  


(b) To add multiple vendors (Vendora, Colo)  

(c) To add vendor with a comma in the name (ABC, Ltd) 

(d) To add combination vendor (Colo, ABC, Ltd)  -  Colo, "ABC, Ltd"

To exclude the filter, you need to select Not Equal to. In other words, it is the reverse of the include. 

For example:

If you have 10 vendors and you want to include 9 vendors. Instead of doing that, you could easily exclude just 1 of them which is much simpler. The way to use it is similar to include as well.

2. Tags Filer

This will include/exclude the tags for certain products from your store. Also, support multiple comma values.

3. Product Type (Custom) Filter

This will include/exclude the Product type filter from your store. The usage is the same as the Vendor Filter.

4. Collection Filter

This will enable the Collection filter from your store. It is a drop-down field, these options are retrieved from the current Collection that exists in your Shopify store.

5. Published Filter

This will enable the Published filter from your store. It is a drop-down field, this option is available as Any(ALL) or Published.

6. SKU Filter

This is a more specific filter that includes or excludes any SKU that you input in the field. Separated by a comma supports multiple values. SKU Filter doesn't support any wildcard but its supports REGEX

For example:

(a) To include the SKU begins with ABC. For example, ABC-123, ABC134, ABC145, ABC-765 can use as ^ABC

(b) To exclude the SKU ends with 123. For example, ABC123, CDE123, GFR123, TUY123 can use as 123$

7. Enable Misc in filter

When the filtering process begins it can ignore variants in-store with "Don’t Track Inventory". Click here to know more

8. Enable Inventory Quantity 

By enabling this toggle icon, when the filtering process begins it will ignore variants with zero quantity in the store.

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