Product Identifier field

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This field is the most essential that needs to be mapped for an update or adding new products or removing products. There are many options you can use it as identifiers. 

There are a few options for the SKU field. You can set the one which suitable for your feed file. Can check the below:

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Store Prefix/Postfix

If your products in the store contain any prefix or postfix, you can specify it. It supports wildcards too. It's not supported by the comma-separated value. 

Store Prefix

For example, SKU in the store is ABC1234, and in the feed file 12345. Then, include ABC to match with the feed file. 

Store Postfix
To include postfix, you need to add $ after the value. For example, the SKU in the store is 12345LESS, and in the feed file is 12345. Then, the prefix is LESS$

Prefix/Postfix supports wildcards too. For example, the given prefix - will remove the dash from XYZ-123 to match with XYZ123

2. Feed Prefix/Postfix

If your products in the feed contain any prefix or postfix, you can specify it. Handles support the prefixes.

Feed Prefix

Ignore all the prefixes from your feed file to match the store SKU. For example, ONE123, TWO234, and so on Just type in ONE, TWO

Prefix supports wildcard too. For example, the given prefix - will remove the dash from XYZ-123 to match with XYZ123

Way to remove the link from the feed as a store

For example, 

From the feed: 120-cm-chene-et-blanc-brillant-2502081

Store: meuble tele buffet tv television design pratique 2 pcs agglomere 120 cm chene et blanc brilliant 2502081/2

Prefix that can be used to ignore the link: HTTPS:\/\/WWW.HELLOSHOP26.FR\/PRODUCTS\/

Feed Postfix

This will ignore all the postfixes available in your feed file. For example, 123GONE, 123HERE. Just type in GONEHERE to remove the characters. 

If your feed file has D-AU-45* and you want to remove the asterisk * at the end. For example, D-AU-45*
Just use this [*] as a postfix.

If the postfix has a special character. For example, ABC$123 and the postfix are $123
 Then, to remove the postfix, you need to include \


Another example,

If your feed file has this SKU: AB310 4/4M and your store SKU: AB310-4/4M

To remove the space and add the dash to match the SKU, you can add a store prefix as *[-]* and a Feed prefix as *[ ]*

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