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How can I switch from a Paid Plan to a Free Plan?

If you run your online store on Shopify/BigCommerce/WooCommerce:

To know more about the pricing, please refer here: Stock Sync Pricing.

However, if the available fixed plans do not suit you, you can always customize the limits of a plan to your liking.

To do so, click on Accounts > Billing > Upgrade plan

The Shopify user manual will help you to find your invoices and your payment details:

Then, you will need to scroll down until you see 'Custom,' which allows you to customize the limits for your store. After that, you can drag the toggles for Store Size, Feed Limit, and the Daily schedule to your liking.

On the right-hand side is the summary of the plan and the price. You can subscribe to the custom plan once you click the confirm button.

If the custom plan is not available on your billing page, please contact to switch to the new billings.

If you run your online store on Wix:

Please follow the steps below when you subscribe to a Free plan or Custom plan from another paid plan.

Navigate to the Wix dashboard.

Click on the profile icon on the top right and select the Premium Subscription.

On the Premium Subscription page, Unsubscribe Stock Sync.

Once done, you can subscribe to Free or Custom plan.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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