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Incoming Feed Filter

Filter (Step 3) is an optional settings only on Update & Add products feed only. It will help to filter specific products or data on the feed data.

To use this filter, there are a few guidelines:

Column name/index can only be defined once.
Filter multiple keywords with commas as separators.
Must match ALL of the filters below.

Below are a few examples given:

Field NameConditionValueResult Showing
producttypeEqual ToclothesWhen column name producttype, and don't update/add clothes
vendorNot Equal ToAdidasWhen the column name vendor, and don't update/add Adidas
5Not Equal ToshoesWhen a column name 5, and don't update/add shoes
4Not Equal ToTag AWhen a column name 4, and don't update/add Tag A
dateContain%Y_%m_%dWhen you want to use dynamic dates to update/add the products. Select the condition as Contain
priceGreater Than50When you want to update/add products that price greater than 50
descriptionStart WithcompWhen want to match the starting value "comp" which is from this example comp, complete, and computer. All words that begin with "comp" will be included in the process.
descriptionEnd WithlessWhen want to match the ending value "less" which is from this example 123less , 234less, and sleeveless. All words that end with "less" will be included in the process.
descriptionContainunWhen want to match any of the character values "un" which is from this example, sunny, tuned, bunny, and guns. All words that contain "un" will be part of the process.
descriptionContain*To exclude the rows with empty values, you can select the condition contain and put value *
3Between6~12If the inventory's column mapping relies on an index, and a row has a value of 10 within the range of 6 to 12 , only that specific value will be imported or updated within that range.
descriptionNot ContainmanWhen want to unmatch any of the characters values "man" which is from this example, man, manual, mango, and manager . Any words containing "man" will be excluded from the process.

Another example of multiple values to filter can refer below:

Field NameConditionValueResult Showing
VendorEqual ToAdibas, Niqe, BahaWhen column name Vendor, and want to update/add Adibas, Niqe, and Baha
TagNot Equal ToNew-add, Old, ABCWhen column name Tag, and don't update/add New-add, Old, and ABC
Product TypeEqual ToClothes, Shoe, DressWhen column name Product Type, and want to update/add Clothes, Shoe, and Dress

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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