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Microsoft SharePoint connection method

For the Microsoft SharePoint connection method, you can refer below to follow the steps:

Provide the Shared Link to have the connection. For how to get the Shared link, can refer to more detail.

For example, https://<tenant>

The File Format field is set to Auto where Stock Sync auto-detects the file format or can also choose the type of file format.

By default First Row Header is disabled. If there’s a header on the file, need to enable this option.

Then, for the Sheet Name you can put the sheet name under that field. If there are multiple sheets separated, you can put commas as separate.

For example Sheet1, Sheet2

Lastly, you can click Test Connection to test the connection as well.

Locate your file in Microsoft SharePoint and click on the Share icon.

It will show up this. You can edit the setting as by clicking the part Anyone with the link can edit.

You can set it as Anyone with the link or can add it as specific people for to access the file. Click on Apply to save the setting.

Click on the share icon again to copy the link or you can right-click on the file section to copy the link.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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