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Product Category Field

Available on: ✔️ Update ✔️ Export
If the feed file doesn't have any column as a product category and want to apply all the product categories as Luggage & Bags > Suitcase or else can put the ID of the category as well for all your products. You can use fixed value to set it.

In Shopify, a product category is called a Product Taxonomy; find a full list of all product taxonomies in the lookup table here.

The feed file can have both the ID and the product as below and Stock Sync is able to update the product accordingly.

For the category examples can see below:


There is a setting for this field which is:

1. Language

You can choose the language in the extra setting of the Product Category. 

For all feed that was created before 7th November 2022, Please do recreate the feed and add this field again since Shopify changed the field name.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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