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Why I getting an error as "Please check the file name and file permission."

Based on the above image, the error shows that "Please check the file name and file permission." 


For example, by using an FTP connection, the login user account doesn’t have permission to access the folder or the filename.
The login details are given incorrectly.
The file name is not accurately stated.


Required to ask suppliers to get correct details on the filename and give permission to access those files.
By using FTP connection and having this error, can test it out using FileZila is that the file name and permission is correct. Learn more about *How to test via FileZilla?**
Provide the correct login details in the provided field.
Please ensure the file name is correct even a single space should take note of it.
Test on their end by the IT team for solving the issues.

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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