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3rd Party Download with Login

Stock Sync do not support Multi Factor Authentication or 2 Factor Authentication. If the link provided has MFA or 2FA as below, it can't be accessed by Stock Sync.

You can update your store from any 3rd party.

Let's take Zuomod for example:

Enter your Login ID. Such as email, username, and so on.

Enter your Login Field Name. In this case, it is "login[username]."

Enter your Password and your Password Field Name, which is "login[password]".

Then, enter the source URL where your feed file is located.

Choose your File Format and enable it if your First Row is Header.

How do you get a login and password field name?

You need to go to the website where you want to connect with Stock Sync.

Go to the login bar, like below, and right-click on the email field.

Click on the Inspect button below the image.

You will see a bunch of coding there.

Then, you need to find the field code to get the field name. So, from the image below, you can see that when choosing the code for the login field, it will be highlighted on the page itself.

After that, you should look up the name's value in the code as shown in the image below.

Login Field name: login[username]

The same method goes to the password field.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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