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Azure Blob connection method

To connect your feed file from the Azure Blob connection method.

Go to Setup New Feed > Choose Update/Add.

Choose or search the Azure Blob method to get up the connection.

Fill in the Storage Account, which is the name of the user's storage in Microsoft Azure.

Then, fill in the Access Key from the storage account. There are two access keys available. Please fill out one of them.

Please input the name of the storage account into the designated Container field.  eg. mycontainer-123

Please provide the name of the Blob associated with the container. eg. products.csv

The File Format field can be set as Auto, where Stock Sync auto-detects the file format or can choose the type of file format that is attached for the connection method accordingly.

File format that can set it as CSV, XML, XLS, JSON, .TXT, EDI, and HTML table

If you would like to automatically delete the old files from azure storage account, you can refer here

Please take note that the mapping for azure blob its dependable on the user's object storage. This objects refers to files like csv, json, xml. The object or “blob” is stored in a container which belongs to user’s storage account. They would need to provide access key in their storage account

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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