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Bulk Product Edit connection method

Bulk Product Edit helps you to update multiple products at once. It’s convenient for large batches of product! It's only available in Shopify.

As per the given example, if the markup price of any of product is set, then all the prices will increased by 20%. In addition, the compare at price of all products will be updated as the fixed value which is 138.

If you would like to edit your store's field as you need. You can use this bulk product edit connection to do this.

Go to New Setup > Choose Update existing products in store.

Choose or search for Bulk Product Edit template.
There is no setting required in the Feed Manager (Step 1) .

Click Next to Matching Column section. You can select the field you need to update and make the changes in the Matching Column settings.

Mapping should follow as guided mapping or refer below here (helpdoc).

These are the available fields that can be updated with Stock Sync:

SKUVariant SKU
DescriptionProduct Description
product titleProduct Title
Compare at PricePrice

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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