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Most of the time, we are facing issues in updating the images because are not retrievable via the link or the supplier does not provide the full link to the product images. Besides that, for image URLs that fail to import to Shopify and the image files that are not publically downloadable. Shopify also does not allow images that exceeded the maximum resolution of 20 MP. So there is a way to modify them. 

Click sign up for an account via

After completing the sign-up process, kindly set your image path id through your account.

Afterwards, the page will be redirected to this section, where you can choose to utilize the media library.

After completing the task, you will receive a link to access the images.

Kindly copy and paste the image link onto the URL prefix field as shown in the example provided.

Before enable CDN/Proxy URL, make sure there is image extension for the url in feed file. Example of extension, hello.jpg

Once done can enable the toggle to CDN/ URL.

For example: In your feed file, there is an image extension like hello.jpg or image link, and want to update in stock sync. Please do use this way, make sure to upload those images to the

Original link:

Then, paste the front link that created via to the URL prefix field. 

Updated on: 20/01/2024

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