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How to replace the Files in Google Drive without changing the link?

Are you wondering how to replace the files in Google Drive? That's easy don't worry, let's look at the steps below:

First, go to your Google Drive and select any file that you would like to update. This is applicable for files that are not in that native Google Docs format like PDF, images, text files, or even videos.

Right-click on the file, choose Manage Versions from the menu and then click on the Upload new version button to upload the updated file to your Google Drive.

That’s all for replacing. The file name and the file’s URL won’t change and thus all the old shared links will now automatically point to the new version of your file.

You can use the same method to replace a file in one format with another format. For instance, if you have a video file in Drive that you would like to replace with a GIF animation of a smaller file size, the Manage Versions option will do the trick. And the shared link won’t change either.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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