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Read from Etsy connection method

For the Read from Etsy connection, you will need to follow a few steps for connecting as below:

Once appear the file setting of the Etsy connection. You need to fill in the necessary fields.

Before authorizing your access, you should fill up the store name.

Then, click the authorize button to continue. Enter your Etsy account credentials.

Click Allow access.

Once successfully Access Authorized, click the Next button to continue with field mapping.

You might need to authorize again if failed to get authorization from Etsy

On the Matching Column map the SKU field and the respective field you want to update. The example can be seen from the table below:

Etsy fieldDetail
skuProduct SKU
qtyInventory Quantity
titleProduct Title
priceofferings.price.amount / offerings.price.divisor
materialProduct Type
imagesProduct Fulll Images (multiple)
variation_1_typeFirst Property Values Name
variation_1_valueFirst Property Value
variation_2_typeSecond Property Values Name
variation_2_valueSecond Property Value

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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