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Unavailable Quantity

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Before selecting the unavailable quantity, please ensure that you map the available quantity.

1. Unavailable Quantity (Quality Control)

Quality control in inventory management is the process of ensuring that products meet quality standards. This helps the merchant to identify and prevent defects, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. When you need to set the stock to your quality control, can use this field to update your stock.

2. Unavailable Quantity (Safety Stock)

Safety stock is an extra quantity of a product which is stored in the warehouse to prevent an out-of-stock situation. If your products have extra and you stored in warehouse, you can use this field to set it.

3. Unavailable Quantity (Damage)

Damage stock is the stock that couldn't be use which having any damage or failure of meet the quality grade. If you have any of your stock under damage you can set it as damage field.

4. Unavailable Quantity (Other)

Reserved stock is stock which is kept for the some goods Issue. Actually goods issues can be planned to avoid any discrepancy so we create reservation for the goods issue so the stock will be in our storage location but cant be used for planning.

5. Unavailable Quantity (Incoming)

Incoming inventory, which refers to inventory on its way to your location from transfers, purchase orders, or apps, is not available for sale until it has been received and its state has been changed to Available.

When your products have incoming quantity, the tracking inventory will be disabled. You can't update the inventory tracking.

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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