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Vendor Field

Available on: ✔️ Add ✔️ Update ✔️ Export
To add the custom text at the beginning or end of vendor field, click here to learn more.
If the feed file doesn't have any column as a vendor and want to apply vendor as Adibas for all your products. You can use fixed value to set it.

A vendor is defined as a supplier of goods or services. The vendor will sell the products or services to another company or individual.

There is a setting for this field which is:

1. Ignore Words

Ignore words will ignore the specific wording that don't want to be added or updated for the product from the feed file. Its supports multiple ignored words, separated by a comma while it also supports regular expressions too.

For example: If vendor Addibas 123 in your feed file and want to remove 123 then can include it in the ignore words section as 123. All the vendors which have 123 in your feed file will be removed.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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