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Wildcard and Dynamic Date

The wildcard is the symbol you can use to find any matching file or replace the date.

Symbol that can be replaced with * to find any match file name related with.

Example: Sample*.csv - will match the file name with all the latest files first

Symbol that can replace the date to generate the file daily.

Example: /feed/sample_%Y_%m_%d_*.csv to /feed/sample_2017_05_09_.csv

Wildcard can be used in certain parts such as FTP or Download URL file name representation, filter section, and any part that supports wildcard.

Below is the table to show the differences between today's date, yesterday's date, and the previous year to relate the symbol.

To view the accurate format of the date, please open your feed file via notes or notepad so that can see it clearly. If opened via excel, it could change some of the value formatting such as numbers and dates.

Previous Month Example:
Today is 2023- 10-01 (Must in 1st day) -> 2023- 09-01

Previous Year Example:
Today is 2023-01-01 (Must in 1st day) -> 2022-12 -31

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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