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Write to eBay connection method (Export)

Stock Sync calls getMyeBaySelling products.

GetMyeBaySelling returns information for only the user authenticated with the call. Responses are based on the information in their My eBay account.

ReviseFixedPriceItem, Stock Sync uses this call to change the properties of a currently active fixed-price listing (including multi-variation listings).

Matching Column for eBay:

Product identifier: sku / title  (can use any of it to match the product)
Quantity: quantity_available
Price: current_price

quantity_available = remaining quantity on eBay

quantity = initial product quantity on eBay

current_price = selling price on eBay

You can now export the quantity and price of your product to eBay from Shopify using the Write to eBay connection method.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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