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How to check Stock Sync Changes log, Not in feed and Not in store ?

There are three reports that can be seen in the activity log, which are the Changes log, Not in feed, and Not in store. Whenever the user's Add/Remove, or Update process is a success, there will be a change in the Feed Activity. Some users might find that their feed needs to be processed more thoroughly. 

The user who wants to check if any of the products or variants that did not get Add/Remove/Update can check via the below steps:-

1. What is the Changes Log?

A changes log checks what updates have been done throughout the feed. Its also checked those fields updated in daily updates. It can be said that it shows the SKUs that have matches between the feed and store, and also shows the result of updates on the Quantity or any other fields that were mapped respectively. 

Users can check by clicking View More > Change Logs on the Feed Details page.

2. What is Not in the Feed?

The "Not in feed" log will show the SKUs/variants that are NOT in the FEED but exist in your store.

Users can check this using the Not in Feed on the Feed Details page.

3. What is Not in Store?

The "Not in-store" log will show the SKUs/variants not in the STORE but exist in the feed uploaded.

Users can check by clicking View More > Not in Store on the Feed Details page.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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