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How to get notify for sync success or failure?

If the process failed 2 to 3 times continuously, it WILL notify again. When there is one successful process in between, it will reset the failure count.

Once you have set up your update or add in the running process, want to enable a notification email of sync success or failure.
On the navigation bar of Stock Sync, click on the option Account > Notification.
Enter the email you wish to receive the notification/alert. It supports multiple emails. Enter them by separating them with a comma.

Example: ","

Sync Success

Once you navigate to the page of Notification, select Sync Success to receive the notification for the success feed.


It's able to get the notification to the email address provided once the process runs successfully.

Sync Failure

Once navigate to the page of Notifications, select Sync Failure to receive the notification for the failure feed.

It's able to send the notification to the email address provided, and once the process does NOT run successfully,

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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