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How to input prefixes to SKU in Update Feed?


I have to make some changes to the feeds since my current company has added vendor designations before the SKU, i.e. for Apollo, they have A-SKU. But the feeds do NOT have that designation before the SKU. They have a program that automatically looks within that vendor's files and then adds the inventory and images. Let me know how you can handle that issue.


Store Prefix/Postfix

When the SKU in the store has more character than the SKU in the feed.

For example:
SKU in store = ABC1234
SKU in feed = 1234 Insert ABC as the store prefix

Feed Prefix/Postfix

When the SKU in the feed has more character than the SKU in store. The prefix/postfix will help you to match the extra character from the SKU in the feed.

For Example:

SKU in store = 1234
SKU in feed = XYZ1234END
Feed prefix = XYZ
Feed postfix = END

Does it handle support prefixes?

Yes, the handle does support the prefixes.

For Example:


Store: meuble tele buffet tv television design pratique 2 pcs agglomere 120 cm chene et blanc brilliant 2502081/2

Prefix that can be used: HTTPS:\/\/WWW.HELLOSHOP26.FR\/PRODUCTS\/

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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