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Description Field

Available on: ✔️ Add ✔️ Update ✔️ Export
To have custom text (formatting) in description field, click here to learn more.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Case Convert

Convert the text between different letter cases easily.

Clear the HTML tags from the description.

No change will not change any format of the text.

For example:
this is a SAMPLE
All lower case: this is a sample
All upper case: THIS IS A SAMPLE
Titleize case: This Is A Sample

2. Wrap each column mapped in paragraph(s) with ...

<p> paragraph - show in paragraph style
<ul> unorder list - show in bullet point form
<li> bullet point (auto wrap with <ul>) - show the description in bullet point form
<li> bullet point except for the first column - show the description in bullet point form but not included the first column mapping
</br> line break - show it by breaking the sentence in a line style

3. Labels for additional info

Labels for additional info also been supported with any text beginning or end of the column value such Height is {{ value }}cm, WIdth, Depth

Use the label option for additional description info and add the label for the second field mapping onwards.

4. Find

Find multiple words or phrases separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, including *

For example: (Find: *man) will include - woman, manicure etc from the feed file. The Find field also supports regular expressions

For example: To remove all links from the description field, enter <a href=.?>,<a id=.?>,</a>

5. Replace with

Replace the words or phrases that were used with Find above separated by a comma.

For example: To replace the words with the column name, use {{ **description** }} and place the column mane inside the bracket {{}}

6. Convert newline to line break

Convert a new line to a line break. If the file contains ('\n'), it will convert it as (<br/>)

7. Set to blank

The toggle icon will automatically set to blank when the value in the feed file is blank as there is no value set in the description section (zero or '0' are not considered blank).

8. Only update if the current description is empty (Only Shopify Update Feed)

The toggle icon will update the empty product description in the Shopify store.

For example: To update products with NO description without distrupting the products with description, enable this option.

9. Hide label when value 0

The toggle will automatically hide the label with a 0 value.

For example: If the description is mapped to desc, height, weight and width. And the weight value is 0, then it will NOT display the weight as follow.
Height: 5cm
Width: 10cm

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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