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Tags Field

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If your feed file doesn't have any column as tags and wants to apply tags as newly_added for all your products. You can use fixed value to set it.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Prefix

This is a field to add the prefix in front of the tag values.

2. Find

Find multiple words or phrases separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, including *

For example: (Find: *man) will include - woman, manicure etc from the feed file

The Find field also supports regular expressions

For example: To remove all links from the description field, enter *<a href=.?>,<a id=.?>,</a>*

3. Replace with

Replace the words or phrases used with Find above, separated by a comma.

For example: word1,word2. (Auto-matched with Find) It will replace your store word from auto-match with find. To replace the words with the column name, use {{title}} and place the column name inside the bracket {{}}

4. Include tags

It can include certain tags, separated by commas to be imported only.

For example: Have product A with 20 tags and want to include only one of them, can use this field to include it.

5. Ignore Tags

Ignore tags is for listing out all the tags that wanted to ignore from importing, can use it by separating the comma.

6. Replace store product tags (option 1)

When is unchecked, it will not remove any existing tags on the store and only add new tags from the feed file.

7. Append new tags to existing tags (option 2)

By default, it will be enabled. If not the tags will remove from the existing tags. If it's disabled, it will REMOVE from existing tags.

Differences between option 1 and option 2

What do these two options mean and how does it affect your update?

Let's see with an example:

When your product in the Shopify store has tags (tag A, tag B) and the same product in the feed file has tags (tag B, tag C)

Replace store product tags (Option 1)Append new tags to existing tags (Option 2)Result
DisabledEnabledtag A, tag B, tag C
DisabledDisabledtag A
EnabledDisabledtag B, tag C
EnabledEnabledtag B, tag C

8. Tag column separator

This field is for adding any column separator for the tag. It's a custom field to add the column separator.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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