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Title Field

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To have custom text (formatting) in title field, click here to learn more.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Multiple title separator

Multiple title separator is used when mapped to multiple title fields. If you want to separate the title, can choose "<space> - <space>" or don't need any changes on it choose "-".

2. Case Convert

It will help you to easily convert the text between different letter cases.

For example:
this is a SAMPLE
All lower case: this is a sample
All upper case: THIS IS A SAMPLE
Titleize case: This Is A Sample

Another example:
If you want to clear html tags can use Clean up all HTML tags.

3. Ignore words

Ignore words will ignore the specific wording that don't want to be added or updated for the product from the feed file. Its supports multiple ignored words, separated by a comma while it also supports regular expressions too.

For example: If title T-Shirt 123 Mickey Mouse in your feed file and you want to remove 123 then you just include it in the ignore words section as 123. All the titles which have 123 will be removed.

4. Auto ignore words from variant option values

By enabling the toggle, it will automatically ignore the words from the variant option word.

For example: The title T-shirt - Black will be converted to T-shirt.

Other examples of ignoring words:

A. Remove all HTML tags by using <[^>]*>

Value in feedResult
<h3><em><strong>Hello Everyone</strong></em></h3>Hello Everyone

B. Remove commas from the sentences, and wrap the regular expression with *,

For example: *^"|\,|"$*

Value in feedResult
HP Elitebook 840 G8, 14""FHD, i5-1135G7, 8GB, 256GB SSD, LTE 4GHP Elitebook 840 G8 14""FHD i5-1135G7 8GB 256GB SSD LTE 4G

5. Find

Find multiple words or phrases separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, including *

For example: (Find: *man) will include - woman, manicure etc from the feed file

The Find field also supports regular expressions

For example: To remove all links from the description field, enter *<a href=.?>,<a id=.?>,</a>*

6. Replace with

Replace the words or phrases used with Find above, separated by a comma.

For example: word1,word2. (Auto-matched with Find) It will replace your store word from auto-match with find. To replace the words with the column name, use {{ **title** }} and place the column name inside the bracket {{}}

7. Translation From

Please select the translation from to translate the title. There are more than ten languages available.

8. Translation To

Please select the translation to translate the title. There are more than ten languages available.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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