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Weight Field

Available on: ✔️ Add ✔️ Update ✔️ Export
If the feed file doesn't have any column as weight and wants to apply the weight as the default value for all the products. You can use fixed value to set it.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Weight Unit

To set any unit to the weight value in the store such as no changes, kg, g, lb, and oz

For example: If your product weight is 5 and don't have unit in your feed file, can add unit from here.

2. Weight Converter

It can help to convert the unit of products. There are a few selections for the converter. 

For example: If the weight of the product is using 500g which as a gram then could change it to 0.5kg which as a kilogram.

3. Weight Delimiter

It will help to change the delimiter to a Comma and Decimal Point

For example: When select as decimal from 2,67kg to 2.67kg

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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