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Available on: ✔️ Add ✔️ Update ✔️ Export
By mapping to multiple columns, the total sum of the columns will be updated as the Quantity.
When the quantity column consist of 50 in stock as value, it will read the quantity and ignored the other characters. No need to apply quantity rules for this.

There are a few settings for this field, which are:

1. Location

List of inventory locations available in store. It can used to update products to a specific location only. Stock Sync does not support multiple locations. Each feed updates to a single location.

For example: If the products of the feed is to be updated on a location Paris, click on the dropdown and select the location Paris.

2. Auto add stock to location if not there (✔️ Update)

By default, Stock Sync will auto add product stock to a location even if the product was not stocked in that location. Disabling it, Stock Sync would not add the product to the location where it was not stocked.

For example: If product A in the feed is not stocked on the location London. By default, product A will be added to location London with the quantity from the feed.

If this option is unavailable at your Shopify store, please contact our support team for assistance with enabling it.

3. Quantity Rules

There are a few types of Quantity Rules that you can choose from. You can see the example below:

Condition (If)ValueQuantityResult Showing
< Less Than50All quantities <Less than 5 will display as 0
> Greater Than1015All products with > Greater than 10 quantities will be displayed as 15
<= Less than or Equal305All products with <= Less than or equal 30 will be displayed as 5
>= Greater than or Equal2050All products with >= Greater than or Equal 20 will be displayed as 50
EqualHIGH10Products described in words such as HIGH is Equal to 10
Start WithIncoming0" Incoming 11 July" can be read as Start With Incoming to be displayed as 0
End Withdelivered0" ... delivered" can be read as End With delivered to be displayed as 0
Range20-5020Any quantity Range between 20 and 50 will be displayed as 20
AdvancedQuantity<50current_quantityAll the product quantities with < Less than 50 from the feed file will be displayed as the store quantity
With Formula-10Quantity With formula +10 will be added to the current quantity. Quantity refers to quantity from the feed file Current quantity refers to quantity from the Shopify Store.
Empty-0You can set the Empty column to 0
Match Any-15Set all products to be displayed as 15 with Match Any

4. Track inventory by Shopify

When a product's inventory is tracked in Shopify, the available inventory quantity at a location is updated automatically when receiving a transfer that includes the product.

Track inventory option has been enabled by default in the add feed.

For example: To enable the Track Quantity in the product option in Shopify, this option needs to be enabled.

5. Low Stock Alert

Determine the low stock level here and turn on the notification in the preference tab. Preferences -> Notifications -> Low Stock Alert. You will receive notifications through email on products that have low stock levels.

For example: If you set the level as 5. When the process is completed, Stock Sync will send a email notification of products which has stock 5 or below.

6. Overwrite existing quantity

The quantity in store is overwritten with the quantity available in the feed.

For example: If the store quantity = 20 | And the feed quantity = 15 | Then the updated quantity = 15

7. Add/Deduct with existing quantity

This option will sum up the quantity from the feed with the quantity in the store.

Disable Out of Stock Strategy on Step 4, to sum up duplicate SKUs in your feed file.

For example: If the store quantity = 20 | And the feed quantity = 15 | Then the updated quantity = 35

8. Only deduct from the existing quantity

By selecting this option, you can only deduct from the current quantity. By default, this option is not selected and it will not deduct.

For example: If the store quantity = 20 | And the feed quantity = 15 | Then the updated quantity = 5

9. Set existing quantity in store to 0 before updating

This option is used to sum up the quantity of duplicate SKUs that is present in the feed and overwrite the quantity in store. To enable this option, the sum up with the existing quantity option needs to be enabled.

For example: If the store quantity = 20 | And the feed quantity = 15 | Duplicate SKU quantity = 10 | Then the updated quantity = 25

10. Deduct Quantity from a column within a feed file

For example: If have 2 columns for quantity. One column is for quantity and another column is for sold quantity. If want to update the store product's quantity as quantity (5) - sold quantity (3) = 2. It will be updated product quantity as 2.

In this field, should put the sold quantity column's index e.g col3, and in the field mapping of quantity put the quantity column.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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