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Variant Group & Option Field (Product Options)

Available on: ✔️ Add
Its primarily used for Add feed when products in the feed have variations such as size, color, etc.

How to use the Variant Group field? (✔️ Add )

Variant Group is NOT a compulsory field. It supports multiple columns. For example, you can scroll to the last part and refer.

A variant group is made to manage a group of products that are together under the same name and that will have several common attributes but some variation.

The above example contains clothes in different sizes and quantities. But products with the same Var ID can be assigned to the Variant Group and Variant Option as Size. So, it can be listed as a single product.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Auto sort

It will sort out the variant group before importing. When unable the toggle button will not sort out the variant group.

Variant Option 1/2/3

Variant Option will be used when there is a Variant Group field. So when you set the Variant Group field, you must set the Variant Option field as well.

There are a few settings for this field which are:

1. Option Name

It will create the name for the variant option referring to the feed file, which has different attributes for a group of variants: Size or Colour.

When your feed Option column is according to the image below, you can use Mapping and enter the field name. If it uses the fixed value, then it can be chosen as a fixed value and enter the Option name.

To learn more on How to replace option name with comma

2. Case Convert

It will help you to convert the text between different letter cases easily.

For example:

this is a SAMPLE
All lower case: this is a sample
All upper case: THIS IS A SAMPLE
Titleize case: This Is A Sample

Another example:

If you want to clear html tags can use Clean up all HTML tags.

3. Find

Find multiple words or phrases separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, including *

For example: (Find: *man) will include - woman, manicure etc from the feed file

The Find field also supports regular expressions

For example: To remove all links from the description field, enter <a href=.?>,<a id=.?>,</a>

4. Replace with

Replace the words or phrases used with Find above, separated by a comma.

For example: word1,word2. (Auto-matched with Find) It will replace your store word from auto-match with find. To replace the words with the column name, use {{ title }} and place the column name inside the bracket {{}}

If your feed file contain multiple value in one column for variant option as the below image. To make it as separated option, you may contact for the further assistance.

For example of error could happen: Option 1 & 2 do not fill in the same name. It will occur an error. Avoid using the same name for the option. It will prompt an error and check via the changes log.

For example Variant Group supports multiple columns: From the above image, can see that two different columns want to group it. So, the Variant Group Field is mapped with VAR ID and VAR ID2.

Please have a look at the demo file attached below for more information on Variants.

Download Demo Store

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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